Zero Hunger is possible

There have been several calls for action to increase food production; from the USAID’s feed the future to many initiatives by UN, World Food Program and other organizations to support the SDGs especially goal 2; Zero Hunger.

The fact is these goals needs a collective action and support from all actors in the agricultural value chain across the globe, including farmers, buyers, service providers, government agencies, CSOs, financial institutions and among others.

AgriShared has therefore taken it upon themselves to create an enabling environment that serve as a shared economy ecosystem for all agribusiness and actors within the agricultural space to live and collaborate in order to achieve this goal.

How we are doing it

Our platform brings agribusinesses together to work in a collaborative manner. On the platform agro-buyers request for supplies, farmers accept and then get all that they will need from service providers who are also on the platform on credit or been sponsored by guaranty companies or banks.

Farmers are now able to farm in a professional manner by acquiring the technical know-how, tools and mechanization, inputs, technology and all other services they will need in order to increase productivity.

With collective action and sharing economy basing on mutual trust as proposed by AgriShared, we can achieve the SDG goal 2 and contribute significantly to food production in order to feed the growing population.

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