"Coffee and cocoa market is totally guaranteed, just say I want to sell and you will find a buyer.The kilo costs between 800 and 1000", he told agridigitale.

In this exclusive interview, the expert reveals the requirements to succeed cocoa plantation.

The nursery

First, choose a sit next to a water point, arrange it, clear all trees, and have enough space to avoid cluttering the nursery.

Then, harvest the top soil at a maximum of 20 cm from the soil in the wooded areas or even well decomposed dumps to have a rich soil.

Use cocoa bags (size 27/10 cm) that you fill with well-sorted black potting soil that you water and place under a bait at man size  to facilitate access.

He reminds to order cocoa pods from ICAT or UTCC at 40fr the unit.  For, him, "it's mandatory, because when you take seed in any field to plant, you have no guarantee of your production."

The plantation

You need 50 nurseries to have enough pods to produce seedlings for one hectare of cocoa. When you have the pods, the nurseries being prepared, you break the pods with clubs to sow flat then you water it.

You maintain with the weeding, the phytosanitary treatments if necessary and you will obtain six months later (at least), cocoa plants that you will now transfer to the field.

Favorable areas

Usually, it's in the forest areas. In Togo, we have the west of plateaux region and part of the central region. For the field, it is necessary to choose a site belonging to oneself or at least to have a long contract with the owner.

The harvest takes place from the third year but cocoa is for thirty years. Arrange and brush it to remove every trees and do the picking necessary to plant as you plant any tree.

For cocoa, it's a 2m50 pattern over 3 meters. This will give you 1320 feet per hectare. The optimal period of planting is June-July.

The cost of setting up a cocoa plantation is between 600,000 and 800,000 CFA francs with all the necessary activities. When the production is normal, you can get at least one ton per hectare. If you sell the kilo at 800 CFA, you have 800,000 CFA.

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