Valerie Levkov (L) and Mansoor Hamayoum (R)

Initiated and launched by president Faure in December 2017, CIZO project aims to facilitate universal access to electricity by 2022 by providing affordable individual solar kits.

Mansoor Hamayoum, CEO and co-founder of BBOXX thinks that the deal will ensure electricity for many Togolese.

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"The agreement signed with EDF represents the cornerstone of a strong and strategic partnership that will allow us to collaborate closely to provide intelligent and sustainable energy solutions, as well as high added value services in disconnected areas", he said.

Valerie Levkov, Middle East Africa director of EDF explains that partnering with BBOXX in Togo, her group has taken a new step in the development of its off-grid activities in Africa.

"We are proud to be working with a partner like BBOXX who shares our commitment to low carbon energy," she added.

What will be done exactly?

Solar kits will be installed with batteries to store electricity and payable by simple use of a mobile phone.

These kits will illuminate and power a set of low-consumption household appliances such as TV, radio, fan or mobile phone charger.

This historic partnership that will be very useful to Togolese government in its strategy of deployment of electrification, in particular, providing reliable and affordable solar electricity for rural households occurred on October 26 at the presence of the prime minister, Komi Selom Klassou, Dederiwe Ably-Bidamon (Minister of energy) and several personalities.

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