Agricultural demonstration in Zanguera

Togo is one of the selected countries. The center called “the pilot center of agricultural technologies” is built on ten hectares at Zanguera (Northern west of Lome).

It makes various experimentations and demonstrations on the improved seeds that can be put at the disposal of Togolese producers.

"The main function of the center is the demonstration of agricultural technologies and the search for seeds of good quality. We bring these seeds from China. If the results are good, we give them to Togolese Institute of Agricultural Research or the ministry in charge of agriculture, "Luo Laihui, permanent director of the center, told Agridigitale newspaper.

Since 2009, the center has been also training Togolese peasants on the best agricultural techniques for better performances.

"Training is provided by Chinese experts," added Mr. Laihui.

 The main crops grown there are rice, soy, vegetables.

Practical experimentations are carried out on the mechanization of agriculture and a large ultra-modern incubator has been built for the breeding of 3 to 4000 chicks.

Achievements made by Zhongmei Company who plans to build in the future an agro-industrial park in Akodessewa in VO prefecture.

A part from this center, China is very interested in Togolese agriculture and brings its knowledge in various fields, especially, the regular courses for Togolese executives and agronomists.

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