With funding from 1.07 billion francs CFA (about $ 1.9 million), the Institute of agricultural research for development (IRAD) received mandate to assert its expertise for the benefit of the activities carried out by the development program of in these three crops agricultural value chains.

According to the Minister of Agriculture and rural development, Henri Eyébé Ayissi, the task of the Government Research Agency is to drive the research and development projects on maintenance of pre-basic seed, the production of basic seed, then the valorisation of the results of research and technology of transformation.

 For a period of 45 months, this project is framed by an agreement signed Monday between the Ministry of Agriculture, whereby development program agricultural value chains is attached, and the scientific research and Innovation, guardianship of IRAD.

Two other components of intervention are mentioned: the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure (roads) in the areas of crop production, then organizing trips of exchanges on the modern techniques of production of banana plants plantain.

In this sector, an agreement had already been signed in 2017, providing for the multiplication and delivery by IRAD of 5 million shoots. "It will boost the production of exponentially", welcomed to Xinhua: Abakar Mahamat, the Coordinator of the program of development of agricultural value chains

The Minister of scientific research and Innovation, Madeleine Tchuinte, IRAD will accomplish the mission assigned to him successfully for "Cameroon researchers are very high-level researchers, who win prizes at the international, who run research centers in other African countries."

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