Brazil to improve cotton in Togo

The country is willing to reach 200.000 tons per hectare in 2022. To achieve this goal, the country can count on Brasilia.  

If the cotton sector reached 117.000 tons by hectare today, from 30.000 tons in 2012, it is also partially thanks to Brasilia.

Indeed, since four years, Togolese producers of cotton travelled to Brasilia through C4+ Togo program. They have learned there, a lot about the preparation of the soil, sowing and shelling. 

 According to Mr, Hodabalo Yosso, president of Togolese National Federation of Cotton Producers’ Groups (FNGPC-Togo), this contributes to the improvement of life conditions for the peasants. 

The Togolese Institute of Agronomic Research is working on the possibility for Togolese producers to reach over 10 tons by hectare to make the country reach 200.000 tons in 2022. Referring to Antonio Carlos De Salles, executive representative of Brazil in Togo, the institute can count on Brazilian expertise.

For the country has a program named C4+Togo to encourage the sector of cotton in Togo.

With already the census of 180.000 hectares, FNGPC-Togo hopes that with a good pluviometer, the yield of the next campaign will be better.

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