For him, there is no need for beginners to consult agronomist. «They will just quote what they have learned », he said.

Agriculture, my passion

After my bachelor, I have I studied for two years in socio-anthropology at the University of Abomey-Calavi.

After that my father made me do the normal school for two years but my passion for Agriculture extracted me from all these. My father gave me his land to exploit.

The beginning was very difficult

Because I did not have money. I have wasted much money. The harvest were not good.

This year I restarted Agricultural activities to reduce importation into Africa.

I have started with my friends but now the are employed.

Doing Agriculture helps to feed ones family and contribute to the  growth of national economy.

Biological Agriculture contributes to preserve the soils and insure healthy fooding without any risk of intoxication.

Agricultural entrepreneurship

Many people think they cannot do Agriculture because they have no background in agronomy but our ancestors did not have any notion  in agnonomy but they have succeded than today preserving the soils.

Succedind in Agriculture is a matter of vision. We don’t necessary need to have any kind of knowledge in agronomy.

The beginning of everything is difficult

There will be people to descourage, bad advicers to benefit from your inexperience but you have to persist. This year, asvs. Because it is simple.

It does not need Plowing, fertilizer, insecticides.

When the plant reaches a certain size, it prevents the herbs to push under it, leaving you so quiet. Also, researches shaw the discovery of nutritional values of soybeans.

Its richness in vitamin is absolutely amazing and the number of applications that can be done is simply admirable. It's a simple way to eat organic and enrich ones land in nitrogen for the next campaign.


There are many difficulties in Agriculture. That is workers, pluviometer, mecanisation, depreciation of biological pproduct less voluminous than chemical ones.

People prefere the voluminous one. So doing biological Agriculture means you accept to lost. I think that youth like me will start doing Agriculture because it promising.

I have ten hectares but I exploit only 4 because I lake money. I wish I could exploit it all from next year.

I am ready to receive every young interested. I can also hire my land to those who want to practice biological Agriculture.

Advices to beginners. Youth must come into Agriculture. They must ask for advices and follow the steps of their predecessors.

I dessuade to refer to agronomes. They will just quote what they have learned but we don’t have the same lands or realities.

Let’s just do researches on the land and ask questions to the peasants. They can be helpful because thank to their experiences. Flanckly speaking, a technical support won’t provoque the  rain.

For investors

They must have notions in Agriculture. They have to pay some visits.

The harvest depends on on the soil and the pluviometer.Ao for one hectare one can harvest 300 to 1000 kg.

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