There comes Soleva company who is about to sign an agreement in the coming days with the Government, for the deployment of solar equipment in the country.

The company wants to put at the disposal of the populations of brand products 'Sunking' of American society Greenlitgh Planet. It designs, manufactures and distributes products of the brand 'Sunking'.

 According to Guy Dossou, charge of the Business and development of Greenlitgh Planet, this partnership 'comes in support of the will of the Togolese Government, which wants to achieve 100% electrification by 2030'.

Some of the materials were presented on Thursday to the Minister of the energy Marc Dededriwe Ably Bidamon.

After the signing of this agreement, Greenlitgh Planet through its partner Soleva, will become the second operator of solar energy in the CIZO project, in addition to the BBOXX company.

What would make you special to what is already done? 

The first partner has its approach and we - also, we have ours. For us, solar should be fairly accessible and should not constitute an indefinite cost.

Unlike the other partners, from the moment you finish paying for the product, you do more continue to pay no fees.

Our principle is that we do not rent equipment as do the others, but we sell them. However, this does not cause the guarantee and durability of our equipment.  

The warranty is three years and the life expectancy is at least five years. Even beyond the five years, we continue the after-sales services, in accordance with the specifications relating to the tender that we won. On this point, the Government of Togo is good looking.

Who can access your kits?

Our kits are varied and adapt to the needs of each. We start from a small bulb up to a TV, a fan, 4-6 lights, movement detector, among others.

The prices range from 10,000 Cfa francs to 85 000 francs Cfa. The customer has the possibility to pay by instalment. Our goal for the next 12 months is to sell 10 000 kits and spend 100,000 kits next year. 


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