The business plan is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs

In this interview, Eric BAGNY, graduated from ENSI, Design Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, Technical Expert and Industrial explains all needed to present a good business plan.

"It is useful to write it during the market study," he advises.

First, the entrepreneur must clearly explain his idea and his intentions. His idea must be original. Even for an activity that exists already, he must present the particularity of his idea to demonstrate his mastery of the main activity of the project.

After that, it is necessary to master the production objectives and the sales forecasts in order to decline the consistent, exhaustive and attractive estimates for the investor. 

Unfortunately, in the agricultural sector, policy makers and investors finance unrealistic business plans, with figures that are sometimes well presented but based on incoherent and unrealistic projections.

Production objectives

Here, the contractor must explain his production objectives demonstrating that he will have the necessary raw material and supplies.

A project that involves processing 150 tons of soybeans a day, that is 45,000 tons in 300 days, while Togo's production is well below that figure, is unrealistic.

For example, 1T / hour soy processing unit that is 8T per 8h work day and therefore 2000 tons for 250 work days. With such a unit, it is more realistic to expect a conversion of 1300T the first year, that is 65% of the nominal capacity of production, then 1600T (80%) for the second year and finally 1800T (90%) from the third year.

With 75% for oilcake and 15% for oil, annual production can be estimated at more than 150 tons of crude oil and 950 tons of meal.

These production objectives must be consistent with the nominal production capacities of the production equipment planned.

Sales forecasts

Unless you have a "concrete" sales contract for the quantities to be produced, it would be unrealistic to plan to sell all the production in the same year, especially for the first years. Going on sales forecasts of 80 to 90% of its production over the course of a year and end up with orders to satisfy, is much more reasonable.

To remember, these two essential aspects, must result from a serious and objective market analysis.

The key word for a good business plan is consistency in production objectives and sales forecasts. At the end, it is very important to choose good production tool, at the risk of mortgaging everything

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