Moïse Bilarbi Adih

All of them do not have the means to afford big tractors available on the market. Especially small scale farmers.

Moïse Bilarbi Adih, a welder in Agbandi (235 Km far from Lome going to the northern part of the country), seized the opportunity.

His main objective is to make available materials that take into account the means and the farming practices and realities of small producers in order to help them get involved into agriculture of large farm.

“I am born in a family of farmers. I see the realities and the problems affecting family farmers, who constitute the majority of the actors in the sector.” He told agridigitale. 

A real ingenuity

Bilarbi manufactured several tools including multifunctional winnower threshing machines operational for more than six crops.

"There is no need to acquire several tools for each speculation when you have a multipurpose", confessed him

For the welder Moïse, any producer, regardless to his specialty, can reduce labor, diminish the hardship imposed by the earth work and make profitable its exploitation.

 A part from his fabrication, he restores spoiled agricultural materials. He won the confidence of companies and individuals all over the country and neighboring countries. “The demand is constantly growing that I can't respond in time of large-scale deliveries. That is why I call for a grant or support to improve my performances", launched him.

Annually,  Bilarbi wins around ten millions and  is a owner of a house and a car.

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