Tripartite public-private partnership signed this Thursday in Lome

This is the new challenge integrated into a tripartite public-private partnership signed this Thursday in Lome between the Togolese government, the United States Embassy and Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) group.

Mike Pryor, director of public affairs section of the US embassy in Togo, explains that a social enterprise, "is an organization that combines dynamism, market access and result with the social mission of an association to improve the well-being of one's community".

NGO ALLAFIA, a model

Created in 2003, ALLAFIA exports to the American market, cosmetics and natural health products made from Shea. His model that inspires the United States embassy in Togo is divided into two parts. First, provide work to the people. Second, reinvest in the community.

"For sixteen years, we have been building two or three schools every year in Togo in the areas that it's needed to be built. In environmental terms, we are planting trees, and in the field of health, we are bringing today, assistance to nearly 300 health centers mainly in the central region ", reveals Tchala Olowo-N'djo, founder and executive director of ALAFFIA NGO.

In order to make Togolese companies know their social responsibility so that they can contribute sustainably to the improvement of the social, environmental and economic situation of the country as is currently done by ALAFFIA NGO, a two-day international conference is currently ongoing in Lome.

For the organizers is to highlight the ecosystem of social enterprise in Togo, propose practices of corporate social responsibility, create a legal framework and policies favorable to the development of social enterprises and corporate social responsibility in Togo.

"It is important for Togo to have a legal arsenal on the issue of social entrepreneurship because first, we must supervise the sector, then identify the benefits and legal responsibilities of a social entrepreneur", says Eric Matofam Tamandja, permanent secretary of the national coalition for youth employment.

Referring to the tripartite agreement, groups of young entrepreneurs will be invited to take online courses guided by experts from the US Embassy on social entrepreneurship.

Afterwards, they will take their certificate to go to the resource center for social entrepreneurs at the level of the National Youth Employment Coalition where they will be informed about the resources available at the government level for them.

"Finally, there will be a mentoring program with Ecobank staff based on the needs of each entrepreneur, which is a very appropriate program to put these young people in touch with the one who can help them realize their potential in social entrepreneurship, "clarifies Mike Pryor.

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