Joëlle Dehasse, representative resident of the World Bank in Togo at the end of her mission, acknowledged that "it is the sector that creates the majority of jobs".

The institution funded two projects that have recorded significant improvements in productivity for certain sectors in Togo.

These include rice, soybeans, corn, coffee, cocoa and cotton.

For her, the progress made by Togo are so important, and marked today by an increase in agricultural productivity.

Ms. Dehasse who leaves Togo for Niger has responded to two questions of the Agridigitale newspaper.

Is The Agricultural sector promising in Togo ?

The Togolese agricultural sector is growth, and all actors of the development of the country agree on this point. It is a very important sector for the country today and on a long term.

It is the sector that will create the majority of jobs in the future. The issue is to see which actions to take to implement all the potential of this sector to create higher-paying jobs. 

The Government committed efforts in this direction with the support of its partners, including the World Bank. ButBut, poverty reduction will also have to go through an economic transformation and that's what the Government with the new National Development Plan, not only with the agricultural sector, but also the logistics sector to make Togo a logistics hub in the subregion.

What did  the World Bank do to help Togo in its vision for the agricultural sector?

It's a great job indeed, and we are already engaged alongside the Government in two projects: the project of support to the agricultural sector (PASA) and program (WAAPP) West Africa agricultural productivity.

These projects, started in 2011 have been successful and have all recently received additional financing for further action.

Currently, we support a great program for the next generation in terms of capacity building of stakeholders, particularly for service companies and organizations (ESOP).

We will also see what to do to assist the State in agribusiness and on the agropoles.

This is part of the files that my successor will have to deal with the Government.

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