Agricultural value chains are already operational

Speaking on Tuesday during a panel at Togolese Center for Exhibitions and Fairs of Lome (CETEF), Noël BATAKA, Coordinator of MIFA clarifies that: "The construction of value chains according to the new mechanism is based on two dimensions: agricultural value chains and agricultural finance chains ".

He underlines that starting from the market, MIFA replaces in Togo, the partitioned schemes whose failure discouraged the donors (AfDB, BOAD, EBID).

He took the opportunity to announce that in 2019, more attention will be paid to the agricultural sector, from production, to processing, to market research and financing.

"This is a successful mechanism and we urge value chain actors to support and support the ongoing process," he said.

Kodjogan Anani Kpadenou, Agronomist Engineer and Director of Vegetable Department at the Ministry of Agriculture in Togo explained that "the value chain is materialized by a succession of activities leading to products."

The Director of the ITRA Agricultural Zone Research Center (ITRA / CRAF), Dr. Edoh Kokou Adabe adds that "agricultural contract is necessary to facilitate the establishment and success of agricultural value chain."

"Key factors such as type of product, buyer, market, plus the institutional framework, transparency, trust and mutual benefit should be considered," he added.

On the same panel, Sie Charles KAM, expert in inclusive finance from Burkina Faso, shared Coris Bank's experience in financing agricultural value chains.

He explained the various financing approaches adopted by the bank to secure loans, increasing the volume of credit and concerted action by stakeholders to capitalize on the achievements.

According to Mr. KAM, this approach adopted by the bank led to an improvement in food security and the reduction of poverty.

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