African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) In Kigali

Among 300 speakers announced, we have President Paul Kagame, Al Gore, Aliko Dangote, Carlos Lopes, Tony Blair, and Howard Buffett etc.

Suggest new solutions to transform smallholders into future agribusinesses and convince governments to invest more in agriculture sector in Africa are the main targets of this edition.

According to Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana, Rwandan Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), the transformation of African agriculture will require investments in revenue generating innovation for producers. "And the private sector must contribute to this challenge," she said.

In addition to communications, exhibitions and B to B sessions, the forum plans to award an "Africa Food Prize" to an organization or individual that is working to modernize African agriculture.

The debates of the day number one focused in particular on youth entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and the emergence of a model in agri-business.

Carla Henry, Senior Technical Specialist at ILO (International Labor Organization) quoted a report by ILO's Global Trends in Youth Employment 2017 saying that “national employment policies could take into account lifelong learning and investment in digital skills for more decent jobs for young people.”

Fred Swaniker, Founder and President of African Leadership University (ALU) believes that agriculture remains the lever of development in Africa with the availability of a very important workforce that is his youth.

He plans to train three million African entrepreneurs and leaders in 50 years across 25 campuses scattered throughout Africa.

Initiated in 2010, AGRF has become in 8 years a powerful platform that develops strategies and proposes financing mechanisms for African agriculture.

It brings together each year, heads of state, ministers, business leaders, young entrepreneurs, representatives of farmers' organizations researchers, opinion leaders ... in short all the actors who make their contributions to the success of agricultural programs in Africa.

The organizers expect important significant benefits in signing new commercial contracts between the private sector-SME and farmers; the financial support that can be provided by development partners and the support of the States in the success of their national agricultural policy.

Togo is validly represented by Dona Etchri, the young promoter of e-agribusiness platform, finalist of the pitch agrihack talent 2018 launched by the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

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