The regional financial institution based in Lome (Togo) will be 45 years old on November 14, and for this celebration, the question of solar energy is at the center of discussions.

A high-level forum will be held on this occasion in Lome around the theme "solar energy in the economy of the countries of WAEMU : State,  issues and policies".

This meeting will allow us to review various issues related to the theme of renewable energy and particularly solar energy. This will include to develop the State of market and the ecosystem in relation to the strategies for the development of solar energy in the WUAEMU . The results of the interventions of WABD in the development of solar energy and the experience of its partners which are ADB, AFD, EIB and the World Bank, etc.

Mobilization of resources and know-how for the financing of solar energy in the Member States will also be broached.

The forum will bring together members of the Governments of the States Member and the institutions of the area, the development partners, banks and NGOs working in the field of the environment and the promotion of renewable energy.

In the wake of this celebration, a photo contest on the projects financed by the Bank in the Union and another to reward the 'Start Up' in the field of solar energy will be launched.

"Regulations of such competition, the important Prize in game as well as the criteria and conditions for participation will be made public in the coming days", indicates the intitution.

WABD is 45 years at the Service of the development of the Member countries of WAEMU. It accompanies the development of the States of the subregion in the execution of development projects.

To date, all operations of the Bank in favor of the States of the Union are 5201 billion CFA and the current president of the Bank is Christian Adovelande.

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