Zebevi Senior secondary School

Water, electricity and sanitary improved. This change occurred little by little after the construction of Zebevi  Senior Secondary School in the surrounding environment.

Before this school, apart from the inhabitants of the locality, no one else knew there. The construction of the school, a real gem for the prefecture drained a huge crowd of students from surrounding localities for the continuation of secondary education.

Some dignitaries of the locality had the idea to develop school housing for the hiring, at prices varying between 3000 and 4000 CFA per month. These dwellings have continued to evolve following the influx that continues to Zebevi Senior Secondary School. Some teachers also started building houses there.

"After my BEPC in 1999, almost all of my promotion and I had to continue our studies at Zebevi Senior Secondary School because of lack of senior secondary school at our home in Kpeme.The school is 20 km from our residence, we took a room in Abalo Kondji which is 300 meters from the school.We cohabited with students from Attitogon, Ganave, Zebe, Glidji and even Aneho.At that time, the locality was animated only during school period. On holiday, all students join their localities", says a former student of the school.

Today, Abalo Kondji is animated at all times. Even though the School is no longer famous because of the construction of senior secondary schools in almost all environments, the locality continues to evolve.

New infrastructure has been installed and multi-level houses are constantly growing like mushrooms. Many people quickly felt the development of the locality and decided to invest in it.

It is also nice to live in Abalo Kondji. The setting is not yet saturated as in Aneho, ​​chief town of the prefecture which is an old city entirely built. Some natives of Aneho also built there because of lack of ground and to leave the saturated frame of the city.

It must be recognized that the establishment of infrastructures contributes to the opening up and development of rural areas. In this case, Zebevi Senior Secondary School has been a positive asset in the opening up and development of Abalo Kondji.

To access the locality, just ask for Zebevi Senior Secondary School and you are there. Initiatives and actions of this kind must be multiplied by the Togolese government to open up rural areas, one of the conditions for the development of rural populations.

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