Clifford Plastid Hoglonou (R)

Above all, it is a family business that takes on an industrial dimension. He is recently named international mentor of Tony Elumelu Foundation. 

"As mentor, my role is to coach all young project leaders to help them improve," he explains to agridigitale.

From prices to awards, conferences to conferences, Clifford built a winning mentality. "Despite the difficulties, nothing will stop me in the realization of my ambitious and vast project of 2 million dollars," he says.

Concrete from this self-taught young holder of licence in audit management at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG) of the University of Lome and author of 04 books.

He is expected from October 25 to 27 in Lagos where he will be meeting the billionaire Tony Elumelu, the Ghanaian president and other investors.

"I already have a big market and donors are also ready to finance my project," he says with assurance promising to launch his industrial unit next year.

Transforming cassava into bioethanol

That's what Clifford's project is about. "First of all, I want to process cassava to make ethyl alcohol for pharmacies and hospitals and a liquor for traditional alcoholic beverage producers (Sodabi) who are currently using toxic denatured alcohol exposing consumers to cardiovascular diseases. But the vision is to produce biofuel within seven years "he says.

A true patriot

Although wooing investors in Nigeria, Clifford wants to start in his native Togo. "I have partners who want to install the project in Nigeria but I want to install it first in my country," he says.

He has a plot of 50 hectares in Agbelouve (located 64 km north of Lome) where he intends to transform each year, 4,000 tons of cassava to obtain 800,000 liters of bioethanol.

"In total, 2000 jobs will be created from the fields to the transformation," said the young Togolese whose business plan is about 150 pages.

He has already signed contracts with producers for the supply of cassava and wholesaler distributors. Everything is ready. Clifford and his team are just waiting for the fundraising to effectively start their activities.

He also relies on Togolese authorities to create an agricultural value chain beneficial for the entire population."From the field to the transformation through the end consumer, everyone wins," says Clifford.

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