The little aquatic animal from the bottom of his net of refuge is quiet. Koffa is fisherman at Agbodrafo, Lakes prefecture in Togo since around ten years.

Knowledgeable about prohibited species of fishing on the coast, his first instinct was to appeal to the environmental officer of the area, Yemba.

As soon as called, Yemba lands on the beach all sweaty.

After the statements of use, then, begins the great ritual. The turtle is conducted like at the step of Senator to the ocean where its shell is melted in water waves. 

Yemba accomplished his mission in presence of his witness, the fisherman, Koffa.

 "He could bring him back to the sea but he called me to do it so that I can send the report. This protects any suspicion that may come after,"explains the environmental officer without further details to the reporter of Agridigitale newspaper, who also attended the scene.

Turtles: protected species

There are fishing banned species in Togo. For most species are endangered and were banned from fishing for their protection and that of aquatic biodiversity.

"Turtle is part of the prohibited species fishing. When it is alive, we take it to the sea. If it no longer lives, we operate on him, and bury the entire body except the shell that will be used in the report" highlights the environmental officer.

A well secured mission

Apart from forests, there are also environmental agents on the coastal. They are responsible for safeguarding the coastal and aquatic biodiversity. These agents are responsible for backup as well as aquatic terrestrial ecosystems. Everything is according to the place of assignment.

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