Gustave Gbaguidi

But unfortunately for him, the search of profitability by eggs made that people changed the methods which makes that this strain whose rate of turn revolves around 240 eggs has almost disappeared for new strains able to lay up to 275 eggs.

"We realized that most of the new strains are productive, but in terms of disease, they are much more exposed, which means that in farms, we have to do a lot of biosecurity and always look-out to follow and do all the vaccinations we didn’t do before and that impact the cost of production," reports Gustave Gbaguidi to Agridigitale.

He also reports that "the death rate is much higher with these new strains compared to the harcos strain."

"Although the fact that I followed all the necessited prophylaxis, I noticed that the hens came to lay in the 19th week, I continued with the necessary feed for a few weeks and I put them into egg room at the 23rd week, but the big problem I had was the retention of the eggs. The chickens could not get the eggs out easily. We tried to correct solve the problem by bringing other feeds but it continues,"reports the farmer Gustave who has been living for more than 20 years in a commune 80km far from Cotonou.

Inviting researchers to do further investigations to identify the bacterium or virus responsible or see if there are other sources, Dr. Mireille C. Kadja Wonou, veterinarian, Associate Lecturer in Animal Medicine production at the Inter-State School of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine (EISMV) in Dakar evokes some hypotheses.

"There are bacteria or viruses that have actions at the level of the cloaca. Very often, in the case of infectious bronchitis, there are lesions in the cloaca or the oviduct so that after healing, there is shrinkage that leads to the decrease of light that makes it difficult for the egg to go out.The eggs are ringed and sometimes it leads to intra-abdominal spits," she analyzed.

Gustave started his breeding in 1997 with 300 head. He is now with 6000 hens and sells an average of 145 tables a day.

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