stove powerful than domestic gas

Motivated and passionated, Kodjo is Inspired by the device of the forge. Especially their mechanism of ventilation.

After three tests, he ends up having the perfect model of his creation. "A stove twice faster in cooking and very economical than domestic gas", he said.

An ecological fuel

The stove is made of earth clay, with a mechanism of ventilation using electric energy.

Covered with stainless steel, the stove is fed through manufactured charcoal made from the hulls of palm nuts, producing a strong bright burning without smoke.

"For the production of coal, I have developed a machine of carbonization for the rapid transformation of the hulls of nuts in coal", reveals the inventor.

According to him, the use of the stove requires a little fiber palm waste, a little coal and finally switch on the ventilation system.

The stove gives more vivid and incomparable flame than domestic gas. There is also a regulator to decrease or increase the fan speed.

It is  available with 50kg of its fuel at the price of 35,000 CFA on the local market. "I plan to expand the plant in order to put this new clean coal available to all households in Togo and elsewhere.

It would reduce the anarchic cutting of trees and the environment will be better and better protected," said the young inventor.

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  1. Appoh Kofi Mawududzi say:

    C'est ingénieux mon frère Africain...Toutes mes félicitations...

    23/08/2018 07:47:52
  2. Pascal PAKEDOU say:

    Félicitations mon frère. Que Dieu d'assister

    21/08/2018 16:26:53

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