Improve the lives of producers.

On Monday in Lome, a delegation of WFP met with Noël Koutera BATAKA, minister of agriculture about the purchase of cereal surpluses to improve the lives of producers.

BATAKA said that in line with the objectives of the National Development Program (NDP), the government made a strong commitment to finding opportunities for maize and other grain producers.

"These government initiatives thus promote the creation of jobs, the improvement of producers' incomes and their living conditions," he said. This commitment should undoubtedly relieve Togolese producers who will no longer be totally at the mercy of women traders who keep impoverishing them day by day.

In recent years, Togo experienced a rapid increase in maize production. The country has exported part of its production to other countries in the region.

In 2011, for example, Togo had a surplus of maize production of nearly 100,000 tons. WFP bought around 32,000 tonnes to meet Niger's needs. The government and WFP will also increase school meals, essential for the progress of the education system.

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