A National Federation called FENUCOOPETO was created and directed by Dosseh LEGBEZE, an experimented in the domain. 

Elected for 4 years, Mr. LEGBEZE is committed to making the sector more professional in Togo by taking various measures or initiatives.

It is to strengthen the organizational and governance capacity of the basic cooperative societies and unions; facilitate access of the members to inputs and fishing materials; raise awareness about good hygiene practices.

The new office also promises to promote fishing in contributing to the improvement of the system of conservation of fish and develop partnership with other actors in the fish industry.

According to official statistics, the national need for fish is estimated to about 80,000 tons, but only 20,000 tons are obtained.

More than 22,000 including 12,000 women are employed in this sub-sector contributing to only at 4% of national GDP.

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