Principal Economist in the Department of the Credit risk of the Bank, Ms. Wagué, is the 11th resident delegate since the opening of the World Bank Office in Togo in 1982.

"I am happy to join the team here in Togo as a resident representative to continue the momentum begun by my predecessor and strengthen ongoing actions and move on", she said.

Ms. Wagué ensures she will keep "the impulse initiated by Togo and the Bank - for a successful implementation of operations and an increase in the volume of the portfolio of the WB in Togo".

Hawa Cissé Wade has three priorities

 Ms. Wagué, the new delegate of the World Bank, has set three priorities for three (3) years that will last his mandate at the head of the institution in Togo.

First she is going  to strengthen the partnership between the World Bank and Togo through ongoing dialogue with the national authorities, donors and all stakeholders.

Then, be strategic in the implementation of the country partnership framework and ensure good coordination with the country team to strengthen the performance of the Bank's portfolio.

And finally, to ensure the dayly management of the office in Lomé.

"The current portfolio of the World Bank in Togo is very active and the implementation of projects takes place satisfactorily. "We are going to proceed to do more", she promised.  

Framework partnership countries: first project of Wagué

 Her first project, concerns the mid-term review of the framework partnership countries to ensure that the Bank's strategy remains aligned with the priorities of developments in Togo.

"I will pay particular attention to the strengthening of our partnership, not only with the Government, but also with all of the stakeholders in the development of the country for more concrete  actions at present and in the future and sustainable solutions to the needs of the people and communities that we are called to serve ", she said. 

Who is Mrs. Wagué?

From Mauritania, Hawa Cissé Wagué holds a degree of superior scientists in economic policy management (DESS) at the university Félix Houphouët - Boigny in Abidjan and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Sherbrooke in the Canada.

She joined the Bank in September 2002 in Mauritania as an economist within the unit "Poverty Reduction and economic management".

Subsequently, she held different positions within the World Bank, like the principal economist for Nigeria, before travelling to the Canada.

 She has a great experience in credit risk and on macroeconomic, fiscal and financial issues both in the developing countries than in developed countries.

Ms. Wagué is known for having directed and contributed to analytical work, to the formulation of strategies and lending operations to advance the economic and structural reforms in various countries including Nigeria. She also represented the World Bank Group to the Paris Club on sovereign debt issues. She's a woman of experience that Togo welcomes at the head of the institution in Lomé to accompany the reforms, especially those of the modernization of the agricultural sector. 

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