Assane determined to get into agriculture

“I was very impressed when I saw a very robust corncob with consistent size and seeds. The performance is impressive. We can expect spectacular results. With this discover, we want to create a farm in Togo, so that we test the technology and carry it into our country, Senegal", the couple told agridigitale at Davie (20 Km in the north of Lome), where they have discovered the technology.

This technology is the invention of AGBALENYO, the promotor of AGIDE NGO. With mushrooms, he fabricated insecticides that facilitate the feeding and the development of plants.

He promises four to five tons of corns per hectares against around 2 tons nowadays. As he said to agridigitale, his products are also available for every crops. 

Agriculture in Senegal

It rains in the northern and the southern parts more than in the central part. There is no tree. 

In Senegal, the agriculture of high scales is monopolized by functionaries and chiefs. Because people lack money to acquire agricultural materials. 

We export peanuts and mills. We also have rice, cassava, and corn that we produce for consumption.

The project

First of all, I would like to create an orchard in my village, located in the central region, where it is very difficult to do agriculture in Senegal. If it works, we can use it in the high scale agriculture to improve the productivity in the whole country. 

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