The fruits of mombin’s

That is why it multiplies projects in various countries of the world.

In Togo for example, the organization is convinced that non-timber forest products (NTFPs) can contribute enough to food security.

Last March, FAO offered 244,000 dollars to the department of environment and forest resources for the promotion and commercialization of NTFPS in Togo.

 Running this month of August, the actors of Shea, honey, locust, medicinal products and moringa were in a capacity-building workshop.

As Shea, locust and other, the fruits of mombins are one of non-timber forest products which constitute opportunities for communities in which they are grown.

Aklolo Manekpo, aged around forty and mother of five children is specialized in the collection and sale of mombins fruits in Agou gadzepe in the northern part of the country.

"The months of July and August are the times where the fruits of mombins are in abundance. I haven't planted but I win at least 750 CFA whenever I venture into the trees. I use it to meet the expenses of my household,” she told Agridigitale.

The need continues to rise

Once consumed in their raw state, the fruits of mombin’s demand increased in recent years. The product is now transformed.

The main client of Manekpo is also a lady for whom the product serves as raw material for the production of mombins juice.

This means that if it is produced in quantity, it will necessary contribute to food security.

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