These include weakness in productivity, lack of  unknowledgeable to tropical agricultural techniques, the absence of policies for the promotion of agri-food innovation etc.

Today, Brazilian agriculture has taken off, and has grown dramatically over the past three decades through the development and use of technologies.

 Brazil is so far the third largest exporter of food behind the United States and the European Union (EU).

What is then the Brazilian secret?

From the 1970s, the Government has been involved in public policy development (PADAP, PRODECER) and driven by the CAMPO group which has produced impressive reresult. Case of the PRODECER (1979-2001) with a total investment of $ 570 million, the program has helped the CAMPO group to set up 21 agricultural projects.

During the period of the project, 243,200 hectares of land were cultivated with 650,000 tonnes of annual production with an average of 758 farmers creating nearly 20 thousand jobs.

In terms of irrigated areas, there are 16.182 hectares; 337.000 hectares in development and 97.100 hectares reforested.

"These results make Brazilia leader in tropical agriculture at the present time", says Alexandre Trabbold, representative of the CAMPO AFRICA group.

The Group leads similar projects in other countries.

It comes to the production and marketing of grain in Uganda; production of cereals and treatment of soybean in Angola;  production of cereals for the value chain of poultry in Nigeria; project integrated of fish of Lake Volta in Ghana and many other countries such as the Kenya, the Central African Republic, Guinea Conakry, Zambia, etc.

Togo, the next destination ? 

Met at the 10th Togolese National Peasants Forum, Alexandre Trabbord is staying for a few days in Lomé. His group intends to provide technical training to young Togolese farmers.

They also promise to accompany Togo to introduce (different GMOs) performing genetic material, to support the Organization of the value chains and to the structuring of the marketing of agricultural products. 

Very good news that farmers expect from all their wishes.

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