Noël Koutera BATAKA

"I will never do it alone," said Mr. Noël BATAKA immediately, recalling that his roadmap is very simple, that is "to ensure the improvement of the income of actors in agricultural value chains and massive job creation for young people."

"The government's vision is to see in a few years, champions emerge in agribusiness in Togo," he insists.

To achieve this, he calls on all actors to "get out of the rhetoric of recriminations and criticism without proposals" and calls for more "concentration on the concrete with results that can be tangible and palpable within a year."

"We are able to get there," he says very persuaded.

MIFA is not a bank!

An important precision to avoid amalgam. "Let those who have markets to serve as markets for producers express them, those who have innovative services solutions to develop express them," he invites.

"It's not about making offers for MIFA but for actors in agricultural value chains, MIFA does not provide subsidies and does not sell or buy anything," reflects Minister BATAKA.

Curbing the rural exodus of young people

By visiting the water retention points in the savanna region (North-Togo) earlier this week, he noted that the works will provide better income and develop various crops.

"The young people who left in rural exodus come back and prefer to settle to value this jewel that the government puts at their disposal," he said.


He stressed that in the context of the "social mandate advocated by the President, the purpose is to improve the income of producers and create more employment for young people and opportunities for socio-economic development of environments."

"The vision of the Head of State reflected in the axis2 of the National Development Plan (PND) aims to transform the agricultural sector through the implementation of a set of measures more consistent with all departments to enhance the value of all the potential that exists in vegetable and agricultural value chains," said the minister.

The National Program for Agricultural Investment, Food and Nutrition Security (PNIASAN) will then serve as a base for the structural transformation of Togolese agriculture.

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