Wouborbin  co-operative, from Tagnamboul (480 km) northwest of Lome in the Dankpen prefecture is the first to benefit from the promises made by the president of the Republic, Faure Gnassingbé to agricultural producers in this sense.

In all, 100 producers within the agricultural cooperative have touched the important steps that innovate agricultural funding process in Togo. They have been identified individually as well as their plots through farm advisors sent to the support of producers.

In practice and in front of a crowd cheering, SUNU insurance and GTA C2A companies as a guarantee, signed contract of insurance with the producers.

The cooperative also received a cheque of 95 million funded through the General Society of meso finance (SOGEMEF) after a business plan approved by the national agency of Promotion of guarantee and financing (ANPGF).

In terms of bonus, the credit obtained by producers is at 8% interest against 12% which is a bonus of 4% of the loan interest rate.

The average production of 900 tonnes of the 300 hectares will exploit these producers expected is expected by the BB brewery of Togo.

"In the past, we have difficulties to start our agricultural activities, sell our products and make our operations. Today with Mifa, falladoh (to say that suffering is over language KonKomba)"exclaim the cooperative producers who do not come back.

To remind, Mifa is an initiative inspired by the Nirsal(experienced in Nigeria) which has the main objective to end the thorny financing problem plaguing the agricultural sector in Togo.

It was launched last June 25 by the president of the Republic who is still present at this stage of materialization to accompany the process.

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