This financial support granted by the West African Bank of Development (Boad) will be used to install a unit of splitting with a nominal capacity of 100 tonnes/day Shea butter.

Very good news for the leaders of this company which aims to become "the first company of fats and oils in the country and Africa".

Launched in 2013, Oils And Fats International has become one of the main agro-transformator, manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Shea butter.

The range of products is manufactured using materials first of the highest quality, in accordance with the high quality requirements of our customers. 

"We have well developed a high-tech infrastructure, a factory of extraction and refining of solvents on the cutting edge of technology that is separated into different units and each unit is controlled by our efficient team of professionals who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields ", can be read on the site of Oils Ands Fats.

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