The tunnel of the third exchanger became impracticable

"The tunnel of the third exchanger became impracticable for almost an hour because of water," says a resident of Niamey.

As said in the temporary reports, cited by Xinhua and confirmed by several sources in Niamey, we count 22 deaths, with around 500 000 people affected.

Lawan Magadji, Minister in charge of disaster management, explained that “the floods caused by torrential rains have decimated 26 344 head of cattle. 3.131 houses collapsed. 3 902 hectares of crops buried, 11 classes, and 33 wells collapsed.”

The most affected regions are Maradi (Center) with 19283 victims, Diffa (far East) 9 064 victims, Zinder (East) and Tahoua (Center) with respectively 6 798 and 6705 persons affected.

The first requirements are estimated to 6 262 shelter, 307 tons of grain, 31 tons of oil, 31 tons of sugar and 15 tons of salt.

In addition to the Government and humanitarian organizations, other organizations of young people like Tarayya, structure of the Nigerian Party for Democracy and Socialism plan to donate blankets, plastic mats, mosquitoes to the villages of Soudoure and Tondibia.

Very often, Niger is confronted to devastating floods between July and September.

In 2016, for example, floods caused by torrential rains, made more than 70 deaths, created 145,000 homeless and killed more than 55,000 small ruminants, one hundred gardeners wells destroyed with thousands of hectares containing crops.

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