Khadidia Diabi (AFDB), Yaya Sani (M. Finance) and Ouro-Koura Agadazi(M.Agriculture)

With the government, the group signed on Monday, an agreement of loan and grant amounting 16.63 billion Fr CFA in favor of the agro-food transformation project (PTA-Togo).

An information that should delight the population of the region of Kara (North Togo) which will house the first agropole out of the 10 planned by the government.

The agreement occurred between Khadidia Diabi, the representative resident of Afdb, and Yaya Sani, minister of Economy and Finance assisted by Ouro-Koura Agadazi, minister in charge of agriculture.

In details, the donation amounts to 3.67 billion CFA by the African Development Fund (ADF) of ABD Group.

Afdb and ADF loan agreement represents 6.59 billion and ADF’s loan agreement covers 6.37 billion CFA. For a total amount of 16.63 billion CFA francs.

16.63 billion for what?

Togo Agro-Food Transformation Project (PTA-Togo) is a pilot project implemented within the framework of the strategic plan for the development of agropoles in Togo (2017-2030) and food Africa initiative (2016- 2025).

The project aims to create favorable conditions for private investment in the region of Kara, including the processing of agricultural products, the supply of agricultural inputs and services.

A very ambitious project

The project wants to give a new face to Togolese agriculture. 303,000 people, among which 51% women are expected to benefit from the project directly and indirectly.

First of all, is willing to increase the productivity and agricultural production of import substitution channels (rice, maize, soybean, broiler) and export (cashew and sesame).

Then, it targets the increase in the share of agricultural products processed locally (from 19% to 40%) thanks to private investments in the agro-park (9000T / year of paddy rice, 15000T / year of corn, 10000T / year of soybeans, 20000T / year of feed, 10.000T / year of cashew and 10 000T / year of sesame, production of 3 million chicks / year, slaughter of 2 million broilers / year, strengthening food and nutritional security populations, creating wealth and employment for young people and women.

The project also provides for increased private investment, facilitated by a more favorable business environment, the development of infrastructure in the agro-park, increasing agricultural production capacity through the planned infrastructure (dams, irrigated perimeters, tracks), capacity building for farmers, through the 10 multi-purpose agricultural processing centers (ATC) (inputs, agricultural equipment, crop aggregation).

It will be implemented according to the value chain approach, through a partnership between the State (facilitator and regulator), the private sector (promoter) and the professional agricultural organizations.

The PTA will be implemented for 5 years at a cost of 35.19 billion, including 22% of donations, all financed by the government, Afdb, WABD and the Seamaul Foundation.

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