The institution has on its Board of Directors held this week at its headquarters in Lomé, valid 11 new operations including one in favour of Togo.

The agri-food processing in Togo proposed a 46 ha agroparc landscaping; the construction of three (03) dams; the development of 6,500 ha of areas of planned agricultural activities (ZAAP), 2,500 shallows and 1 500 ha in total control of the water; the realization of 130 km of slopes; the electrification of 14 villages; the realization of six (06) mini-ASP and 80 boreholes with pumps.

In addition, the implementation of ten (10) agricultural transformation centers (CTA) or centers of aggregation; and the implementation of the actions of support and environmental measures.

WADB remains an institution that comes with the States of the sub region in the execution of development projects. So far, all these operations in favour of the beneficiary States are evaluated at 5201 billion FCFA.

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